About Us

Fibi – President

Fibi took over Collegeville Costumes in 2018, and relocated it from its Collegeville location to nearby Limerick Square in Royersford. When in the store, she takes a hands-on role in modeling new costumes!

Mila – Manager

8-year-old Mila has recently been tagged by Royersford Business Weekly as one of the “Top Ten Under Ten” upcoming business people. She is a pop-culture expert, having recently completed a 12-hour marathon of some show her parents had never heard of and weren’t entirely sure was appropriate for her age!

Marcia – Artist

Marcia is the talented artist responsible for many of the one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations available at Collegeville Costumes. When not travelling the globe as a world-renowned Human Resources expert, you will find her in the store…be sure to ask about her latest creation!

Chris – Shop Clerk

Chris likes to while away the hours watching sports and reading books, but Fibi insists he mind the store at all times. He hopes to someday earn a minimum wage, in accordance with Federal and State law, but in the meantime he’ll be sure to help you find whatever costume or decoration you have in mind!